Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Life is Funny

So, I'm entering a contest on I have to make a video and then people will vote for it. The winner gets a cash prize and a chance to perform at a concert - fun! My husband has been helping me put it together and it's been really funny. Everything seems so contrived! We laugh a lot. We are doing it to the song "Tiny Graces" and my kids will be in it - which they absolutely love. It's been a challenge to get them to act naturally. They aren't normally that sweet:) We'll see how it turns out, after all it didn't cost me a dime. It is what it is!
Also, I must have the coolest family ever. My parents are so great. I get my sense of humor from my mom and my freckles from my dad. Thanks dad! I think my dad alone has purchased 30 copies of my cd. He passes them out to all his friends. So cute! And every time my mother goes into Deseret Book, she makes sure that my cd is facing out, so that everyone can see it. She's in there a lot, and I'm sure it makes the clerks crazy, but I'm not complaining at all! More power to her. My mom had hip replacement surgery this week. I called to check on her the day she came home from the hospital and she said the funniest things, fortunately she probably won't remember, but it made me laugh, which is my favorite thing to do!