Monday, February 16, 2009

Voting Starts Today

Voting for the finals in the Mormon Times contest starts today. There are 12 finalist - Me of course, Brandon Osmond (Donny's son), Due West, Shaun Barrows, Ryan Innes, Aaron Southerland, Maati Maile, Nicole Sheahan, Maxine Soakai, Poli Hala, Truman and Barry Hansen. Every artist is very talented, so the competition is pretty strong. Voting will continue for 2 weeks and the top 6 continue on to the final round of voting which runs March 3 - March 10th. The top 6 contestants will perform at a concert at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo on March 19th and the winner recieves $5000. Tickets for that event are on sale now, but I have no idea who will be performing. They will not be showing a tally of the votes, the finalists will be announced on the final day of voting. I guess that's good for me, I won't feel like a total loser when I only have 5 votes, no one will even know! I would love to make it to the final round and be able to perform at the concert, but we will see what happens. This has been a great opportunity to share my music with a wider audience, and it's provided some great publicity. In fact, there is an article about me and my music in the Mormon Times news this week. You can read the article here: I seriously don't remember saying most of those things, but I'm sure I was nervous! To vote for my video, you can follow this link: